How to put on my ski boots?

This is how we tell our customers to put their ski boots on.


Make sure the boot is warm (ie. room temperature), not cold!
Make sure your toenails are well-trimmed
Make sure your thin, clean ski socks are pulled up high with no wrinkles


Stand up with your boot on the floor (standing is much easier than sitting!)
Undo all the buckles completely

Pull the tongue out of the boot, towards the toes

Slide your foot in diagonally from the outside top to the inside bottom

Take care that the tongue and liner are straight, not twisted to one side

Ensure that the two sides of the shell are on the outside of the tongue
There’s no need to stamp your boot on the floor, your heel will move into position when flex forwards


Do your top two buckles (on the shin) up first until quite tight

Now pull the power strap nice and tight

Do up the lower two buckles quite loosely (one finger pressure to push on)

NB these lower clips are for getting in and out of the boot and for keeping water out, not for keeping your foot still! If you over-tighten these two buckles you will put pressure down on your instep and cut of circulation.


If they feel too loose, go up a notch or two on your top two buckles
If you’re already at the highest setting, undo the buckle and twist it round a couple of times which shortens the stem. Now clip up again.
Are they too tight? They should feel snug, but if you feel that they’re cutting off your circulation then try going one notch down on the buckle. You may need to tighten them after your first run if you feel you have a little too much movement.
If you have to do up the bottom two buckles to their tightest setting, then the boots are probably too big for you.

Tip: Whilst walking around resort, wear your boots buckled up because a) it saves your straps and buckles getting kicked or caught on pavements and b) it reduces the risk of rubbing and blisters if the foot is kept snug rather than moving around inside the boot.

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