About Us

Tom Pinches

Tom has lived in Courchevel for twelve years and knows all the secret powder stashes (although on a powder day he’ll be loathed to share his secrets). After many years working for Le Ski as their maintenance man, he joined forces with Gavin in 2011 to form The Boot Lab. Tom’s focus hasn’t always been boots though. In his hunt for the fattest skis he casually mentioned to a friend that maybe he’d build his own set and returned the following winter with the first set of Pinches Pros. Fast forward six years and Tom is still building his own brand of bespoke handmade skis although they are now called Fork Tree Skis, after his favourite powder run in 1650. You can find and test a pair in both Boot Lab outlets.

Tom is a reformed blader, but still maintains that they’ll be cool again one day. He doesn’t get much spare time anymore as he has two small sons (whom he hopes won’t rebel and become snowboarders). But if he ever gets out on the hill you’ll spot him trying to perfect his switch telemarking. Show off!


Gavin Fernie-Jones

Gavin has spent seven seasons in Courchevel, with  a season in Banff, Canada sandwiched in between. Whilst in Banff he worked in a ski shop where he trained as a custom boot-fitter. Noting  a lack of specialist boot-fitters in his native resort of Courchevel he headed back over the pond and formed The Boot Lab with Tom. Three years later and he’s amassed a wealth of boot-fitting skills and knowledge. Along with all the staff he has continued his training by taking part in various boot-fitting courses.

Gavin loves Chapelets, skiing powder in Fork Tree and the local favourite super-strength beer Mutzig (although it really hates him!). Best known for hot-dogging, flamboyant fancy dress and his inability to cope with a hangover!