Electric California

Merging style with high-level technology is sometimes a tricky feat. It seems though that Electric has made it a massive part of their mission to put out products that are at the forefront of style while still crushing it with cutting edge technology. We love the simple aesthetic of the Electric range, but we’re more crazy about the functionality and durability. Built to last and with two lenses as standard these really are some of the best goggles on the market. Not content with making sure you’re sorted for the days on the hill we’ve got you covered for sunny lunches and days around town, with a range of Electric sunglasses also in our Courchevel and Meribel stores.

We’ll be stocking:

Goggles – EG 2, EG 2.5, EG 3, EG 3.5

Sunglasses – Konxville, Knoxville XL, Bengal, Black Top, Leadfoot