Our Ski Boot Fitting Prices

Buying New Ski Boots

Buying a new pair of boots isn’t always the cheapest option but 9 times out of 10, it’ll be the best. Ask any skier worth his salt and he’ll tell you that a pair of fitted ski boots is the best money you’ll ever spend skiing. A worthy investment for your comfort and your performance.

All our boots are sold with a custom made footbed and our comfort guarantee.

We find the easiest way to give a customer a rough idea of price is to base it on your skiing level. The boot manufacturers price their boots according to the level of skier. A softer intermediate skier’s boots for example are cheaper than a rigid racer’s boot. Boots made for more advanced skiers tend to have extra features, like better liners, sole plates and buckles.

At The Boot Lab we stock over 60 models of boots to suit all foot shapes and abilities. When we fit a boot we’re not only looking to make sure the boot is appropriate for your current skiing level but also that we are fitting you in a boot that will help you progress as a skier. For this reason we don’t stock the low-end beginner boots, as we want the boot to work for you for years to come.

The rough price for a fitted boot for a beginner to intermediate skier is somewhere around the 400 to 500 euro mark. For an advanced skier around the 550 and 650 euros.  This includes the boot fitting assessment, a custom made Boot Lab footbed and a comfort guarantee.


Adjustments to your own boot

It isn’t always necessary to shell out for a new pair. If you’ve bought ski boots elsewhere and are struggling, or your old boots have started to cause some pain, call in and we’ll carry out an assessment for free and see if we can help. There are loads of adjustments we can make to a boot and below is a list with costs.

Custom Made Boot Lab Footbeds 119€ – The most important part of any boot fit. The foot must be stable inside the boot and the only way we can ensure this is through providing a stable base. A custom made The Boot Lab footbed is a must for any skier. Read more info on our footbeds.

Boot punches 30€ -Are your bunions or ankle bones causing you problems? Or are you experiencing pain around your toes? If you’re having problems with pressure we can relieve it by stretching the plastic shell and liner using our state of the art tools. You may need to leave the boot with us overnight so make sure to bring a spare pair of shoes with you!