We’ve all got our favourite places to ski, haven’t we?!

The Fork Tree teams just happens to be topped off with an unusual, gnarled, forked-shaped tree, standing silhouetted on the horizon. This is where they shred deep pow, send pillow lines and drop cliffs. This is their playground.  

It’s therefore a fitting emblem for the brand. Their first product was a pair of skis. Tom, brand founder, made the first pair in 2008, more from curiosity than demand. However, the skis met with success among friends and locals. The following year Tom was flush with orders for custom-made skis. And before he knew it a boutique ski brand was born, providing a fully bespoke ski with the customer-specifying graphics, shape and profile.

Due to time constraints and the success of other ventures Tom stopped making the skis but launched a range of Fork Tree clothing. This started with the classic beanie, simple in design but stylish, and the range now features hoodies, tees and caps.

Throughout, Fork Tree have tried to maintain the independent innovative spirit that went into that first pair of skis. They decided that if they’re making clothing that they would do it with the same detail and attention that was stuffed into their ski building. This has manifested in a brand that focuses its energy on the processes involved in the clothing industry. Attention to detail is applied through the materials, labour, manufacturing, shipping and packaging. Fork Tree’s clothing is made from 100% organic cotton, in a factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria, and one of the leading socially-responsible manufacturers in India. The factory is entirely powered through wind farms and they’ve phased out plastic packaging.

This winter The Boot Lab in Courchevel 1650 and Meribel Centre will be exclusively stocking Fork Tree clothing, with a pledge to plant a tree for every garment sold in store through the One Tree Planted program. So why not grab a beanie or piece of clothing, safe in the knowledge that you’re supporting a local brand that cares!

Then get out there and shred your favourite piste, pow field or kicker in style!