Blizzard Brahma

The Brahma is impressively stable at high speeds. That makes this ski a favorite for bigger, stronger, more aggressive skiers to carve fast turns on the groomers, charge through the bumps, at hit some off piste terrain with as much speed as possible. If you like to go fast, love stability and want a ski that is engineered just for that the Blizzard Brahma is the ski for you.

Dimensions: 125-88-110 mm

Radius: 19 m

Length: 180 cm



Blizzard Bonafide

The 98mm waist makes the Bonafide a true all terrain ski to be able to float in the deep snow, crush crud, and be highly manoeuvrable on a groomer. If you are looking for that one ski does it all, that knows no speed limit, saddle up and click into the Blizzard Bonafide, this ski has not been a best seller since its inception for no reason.

Dimensions: 133-98-118 mm

Radius: 21 m

Length: 180 cm





Blizzard Black Pearl

The Black Pearl remains a fantastic ski for women looking for versatility and stability. If you are someone that wants a stable ski, that can take you anywhere on the mountain regardless of the terrain, or snow conditions, set your sights on the always popular Blizzard Black Pearl. Get one while you can.

Dimensions: 123-88-108 mm

Radius: 16 m

Length: 166 cm






 Nordica Soul Rider

The Nordica Soul Rider is a fantastic ride for the progressive skier that loves to catch air and float a three every time their skis leave the ground, but will charge through the pow, and slice down a groomer at top speed. The Soul Rider has a 97mm waist that makes it simple to stomp a huge trick, and dive into the ungroomed terrain with ease. A true all mountain ski.


Dimensions: 134-97-124 mm

Radius: 16.5 m

Length: 177 cm





Nordica Enforcer

The defending champion Ski of the Year is back again this season, and you have your chance to get your hands on the Nordica Enforcer while you can! This best-selling ski is the perfect one ski quiver for aggressive skiers looking for a highly versatile ski that can tackle any condition, at any mountain, any day of the week. When you want to enforce your will on the mountain, the Nordica Enforcer better be on your feet!

Dimensions: 133-100-121 mm

Radius: 18.5 m

Length: 185 cm





 Nordica Enforcer 93

The all new Nordica Enforcer 93 makes a perfect ski for the advanced to expert skier looking for versatility for on and off trail skiing. If you are looking for an ultra-stable ski that can be skied at any speed for any skier looking for a powerful ski that is easy to maneuver, with the profile to go anywhere, the new Nordica Enforcer 93 is the ski for you

Dimensions: 126-93-114 mm

Radius: 16.5 m

Length: 177 cm






Nordica Santa Ana

Built specifically for the ladies, the Nordica Santa Ana is a go to when it comes to all mountain skis. With a similar profile to the men’s Enforcer, the Santa Ana holds its own both on the front side of the mountain to the back side of the mountain, and everywhere in between. With a lightweight Balsa core, this ski keeps the fatigue down, while still delivering power when you need it.


Dimensions: 133-100-121 mm

Radius:17.5 m

Length: 169 cm




 Nordica Santa Ana 93

The Nordica Santa Ana 93 is a ripping ski for ladies that will charge through any condition on any mountain. A 93mm waist floats in the powder, powers through crud, and feels impressively nimble in the bumps or groomers. Its balsawood core provides a stable metal like feel for hard snow conditions, while its unique lightness increases flotation and playfulness in soft snow.


Dimensions: 124-93-112 mm

Radius: 15.5 m

Length: 169cm




 Icelantic Nomad 95

The new Nomad 95 is the narrowest option in the Nomad Freeride Collection. Its 95mm platform, rockered tip and tail and 2mm of camber underfoot, gives you true versatility all over the mountain. If you are looking for a playful ski that performs from the park to the peaks then the Nomad 95 is the ski for you!

Dimensions: 130-95-120 mm

Radius: 13, 16 m

Length: 161, 171 cm







 Icelantic Nomad 125

The Nomad 125 is a fully rockered POW slayer! Designed with a full rockered profile that matches the radius of the sidecut, the Nomad 125 is perfect for hitting pillow lines, and bounding through untouched pow but transforms into a carving machine when rolled on edge


Dimensions: 152-125-148 mm

Radius: 25 m

Length: 190 cm




Icelantic Pioneer 96

The Pioneer 96 is a one-ski-quiver, with the versatility needed to excel in any condition the mountain has to offer. Its rockered tip and tail combines with 7mm of camber underfoot and a poplar core make this ski snappy, responsive, and stable at speed. It offers power, versatility, and responsiveness in a shape that excels all over the mountain.


Dimensions: 131-96-118 mm

Radius: 17, 19 m

Lengths: 174, 182 cm





Icelantic Oracle 88

The Oracle 88 is Icelantic’s Women’s specific All-Mountain ski. Featuring their signature “Fly-Weight” core the Oracle 88 is a lightweight and versatile ski that excels all over the mountain. The slightly tapered design, allows the skier to maintain a forward, aggressive stance in any condition, while the rockered tip and substantial sidecut makes carving on groomers and cruising through varied terrain a cinch!

Dimensions: 126-88-108 mm

Radius: 18 m

Length: 169 cm





Icelantic Oracle 100

The Oracle 100 is a charging, Women’s specific All-Mountain ski. Featuring Icelantic’s signature “Fly-Weight” core and a 100mm platform, the Oracle 100 is a lightweight yet powerful ski that excels all over the mountain. The slightly tapered design, allows the skier to maintain a forward, aggressive stance in any condition, while the rockered tip and substantial sidecut makes carving on groomers and cruising through varied terrain a cinch!


Dimensions: 138-100-120 mm

Radius: 19 m

Length: 175 cm




Icelantic Maiden 101

Combining design elements from Icelantic’s top-selling Nomad and their signature Fly Weight Core, the Maiden is the ultimate Women’s-Specific Freeride ski! A rockered tip and tail, along with 2mm of camber underfoot allows the Maiden to excel when playing in POW, blasting through crud and having fun all over the mountain.


Dimensions: 136-101-126 mm

Radius: 16 m

Length: 169 cm




Amplid Rockwell

The Rockwell from Amplid is a highly versatile, insanely fun 95mm waisted ski that will tackle rails, jumps, groomers and powder all in the same run. The Rockwell is also lightweight but with a fairly stiff flex which will hold an edge at high speeds no problem. Everyone could use another ski like this in their quiver!


Dimensions: 128-95-118 mm

Radius: 13 m

Length: 175 cm





4frntgaucho4frnt Gaucho

The 4FRNT Gaucho Skis can do it all. Everything about the Gaucho’s construction and design speaks versatility. The tapered rocker profile is a combination of strong camber underfoot for edging and control through hard and variable snow, while the tip and tail are rockered for float in softer, deeper conditions. The Gaucho’s asymmetrical shape is happiest charging fast down the fall line, but the minute taper from tip to tail means riding or landing switch is a blast as well. Finally, 4FRNT has paired their Semi-Cap construction with a titanal laminate, making the 4FRNT Gaucho Skis an ultra-responsive and damp all-mountain destroyer.


Dimensions: 126-100-122 mm

Radius: 18 m

Length: 179 cm





kye-954frnt Kye 95

Kye Petersen narrowed the waistline on this model but didn’t take away any of its ability to outperform its wider counterparts. The extended taper and rocker tip shape float in the widest variety of snow conditions while keeping the skier forward on the tips. With the lowest tail height in its class, the 95’s extended running surface and shorter turn radius make this great in firm to variable conditions. When looking for a lightweight solution to an everyday all mountain or touring ski, the KYE95 is your shape.


Dimensions: 116-95-110 mm

Radius: 21 m

Length: 180 cm







madonna4frnt Madonna

These all-mountain crushers have the right width and camber profile to rule from the groomers to powder with authority and a shorter turn radius for snappy response in bumps and trees.


Dimensions: 126-96-116 mm

Radius: 16 m

Length: 165 cm