Amplid Rockwell - 175cm

Amplid Rockwell - 175cm

"Capital Punishment For Any Ski Quiver"

Ski Description

Almost a decade old, the Rockwell continues to perplex and delight skiers of all abilities. Key to its undisputable popularity is the Rockwell’s unique Jekyll & Hyde Geometry, which combines a tight and playful sidecut radius with a versatile 95mm waist and plenty of lift-generating surface area. A true Swiss Knife, the Rockwell adapts to any skiing style, terrain choice or snow condition. Perfectly matched to its eccentric shape is a Camrock profile which blends underfoot camber with just the right amount of tip and tail rocker.

Long and tight carves, speed-scrubbing smears and effortless butters, the Rockwell is a playful and easily controlled toy for the entire mountain.

Successive upgrades over the last couple of years, including a lightning fast Sintered 7 base and snappy Carbon Pop Bands, make the Rockwell a true bang-for-buck bargain!

Our thoughts

“Amplid are always making something different and the Rockwell is no exception. It’s a stiffer twin tip, that carves on piste. It has a small sidecut so you can chuck this around knowing it’ll grip underfoot. And with rocker and a wider waist you can shred the pow. This is the ski I reach for.” Gav

Vital Statisitics


Length: 175

Dimensions: 128-95-118

Radius: 13m


OMNI CORE: This superlight wood core is the industry standard for lighteweight, durable and versatile performance. We’ve tweaked this core so many times over the years there’s nothing left to improve.

CARBON POP BAND: A narrow band of uni-directional carbon stringers that run through the centreline of a ski or snowboard from tip-to-tail increasing pop and extending flex memory without altering torsional stiffness.

TRIAX GLASS: Amplid uses Triaxial glass in the majority of its skis for greater torsional rigidity, which in layman’s terms means more grip and response.

JEKYLL & HYDE GEOMETRY: Max effective edge and square centimeters for floatation in the minimum board or ski length. Unsinkable, but nimble pow shreds, sawn-off jib decks with huge pop and insane edge-hold or the ultimate all-mountain ski shape recipe.

ALL TERRAIN TIPS: A smooth kick radius and fuller tip outline improves deep snow floatation without adding swing weight.

SINTERED 7 BASE: Amplid’s ultra-high density sintered base goes like shit-off-a-shovel in all snow conditions. It is extremely hard and therefore more resistant to damage.