Armada ARV 96 - 177cm

Armada ARV 96 - 177cm

"Signature Versatility"

Ski Description

The Armada ARV 96 is skiing’s ultimate handyman—no matter what you throw at it, this ski will get it done. Featuring a new ash and poplar wood core for its most responsive feel yet, the ARV 96 brings its signature versatility into a new era of all-mountain freestyle performance.

Our thoughts

“Solid on both groomers and landing jumps, this is an all mountain ski that comes from a freestyle background. They’ve revamped this ski more recently to really improve its stability at speed and its ability to deal with choppy and bumpy snow. With that in mind it’s a really fun poppy ski that will bring a smile to your face no matter where you ski it.” – Gav

Vital Statisitics


Length: 177

Dimensions: 123-96-115

Radius: 18.5


2.5 IMPACT EDGE – Oversized and specially heat-treated, built to resist impact damage

AR FREESTYLE ROCKER – Rockered tip and tail are combined with positive camber under foot to allow the ski to charge with ease through unpredictable snow, and maintain a solid carve when asked to do so.

AR50 SIDEWALL & CARBON KEVLAR STRUT – Carbon and Kevlar stringers used in the tip and/or tail to add pop and extend life

POP-LITE CORE – Lightweight wood is combined with a higher density, stiffer species in a horizontal laminate to create an impossibly lively ski that has all the power needed for boosting to new elevations

S7 BASE – Durable and low maintenance, with a speed additive for quickness

SPIN TIP – Lightweight material in the tip and tail allows for increased maneuverability for the ski when in it’s in the air