Nordica Enforcer 93 - 177cm, 185cm

Nordica Enforcer 93 - 177cm, 185cm


Ski Description

Equipped with a narrower waist, the Enforcer 93 loves to be on edge. No wonder it’s a favorite among skiers who spend most of their time on trails. A full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal offers exceptional stability and response and dampens vibrations for an especially smooth ride.

It also provides exceptional edge hold to inspire confidence and lay down powerful and precise turns. And to readily absorb bumps and offer floatation in soft snow, it sports early rise tip and tail rocker.

Elevate your skiing—and your expectations—with the Enforcer 93.

Our thoughts

“A great all rounder and if you’re considering something that can do a bit of everything for your ‘go to’ ski this is definitely worth considering. The enforcer has the stiffness to carve a beautiful turn on groomed pistes when you get it up on its edges and it can punch through that crud when the snow gets choppy. This ski also has the versatility and width to pop into the side piste on powder days and get some beautiful turns in. It really lives up to it’s name as an all mountain ski” – Gav

Vital Statisitics


Length: 177 / 185

Dimensions: 126-93-114 / 126-93-114

Radius: 16.5 / 18.5



camRock: Blunt Nose Profile

Full ABS sidewall

Scratch resistant wood grain topfoil

Tail Protector