Questions about Logistics

How do I book ski hire in advance?

All you need to do is click onto the booking form and complete the questionnaire. You can make a secure payment online via paypal in Euros.

Alternatively you can pre-order online (so that we can make sure everything’s ready to go when you collect) and pay in cash or card in our Courchevel 1650 (Moriond) or Meribel shop.

Do I have to pre-book ski hire online or can I just come into the Meribel or Courchevel shop when I arrive?

By booking in advance, you can avoid disappointment and make sure that the best ski for you will be serviced and ready to go when you come to The Boot Lab to collect.

If you don’t like online forms, you can give us a call or email instead (CONTACT LINK) with your order/questions.

Do I have to complete all the questions on the rental booking form?

The more information you give us, the better, to help us pick the right pair of skis for you. If you’re not sure how to answer a question, just make a note in the appropriate section, and elaborate as much as possible to help us get it right for you.

Where do I collect the skis I’ve pre-ordered online?

You can choose whether you wish to pick up your skis in our Meribel or Courchevel shops. Our opening hours are 08.30-19.00 every day that the lifts are open.

Pop in and meet the team and we’ll chat you through how to make the best of your skis and where to find the best snow during your holiday!

Can you deliver to my accommodation in Meribel/Courchevel?

Sorry, no, we aren’t able to deliver. But we do have free coffee in our Boot Lab shops! Come and say hello…

Can I store my skis in the shop overnight?

Yes, if you prefer to leave your skis in The Boot Lab shop overnight then you’re welcome to drop them off at the end of your ski day.

We’d love to hear how you’re getting on with them and our team will be on hand with any questions you might have. The Boot Lab is a specialist boot fitters so we can also help if you have any questions about your ski boots.

Do you supply poles with the skis?

Yes, we supply ski poles and they’re included in the price. If you know your preferred length let us know, if not, tell us how tall you are and we’ll make sure they’re ready and waiting with your skis when you collect.

Do you rent helmets as well as skis?

Yes we do, it’s wise to protect your noggin! The cost is 20€ per week.

What if I’ve got a problem with my skis?

Give us a call or come back to the shop and we’ll get it sorted ASAP. As a small company, your experience is really important to us so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

Do I need additional ski hire insurance?

No, insurance to cover loss/damage is included in the price, with no hidden extras.

Questions about the equipment

What ski brands do you stock?

We’ve tested and selected some really awesome skis from Head, Armada, Nordica, Blizzard, Volkl and Amplid. (Yes we do have the best job in the world. And yes, we do take it very seriously.)

What types of ski do you stock?

Whatever kind of skier you are, we have something that’s going to make you smile… Kick-ass carvers, pow slayers, all mountain shredders…

We’ve got flatbacks, twintips, rockers, cambers, flipcores…

If you know what you’re looking for, go ahead and order. If you want us to recommend something that’ll float your boat, all you need to do is ask!

Which are the best skis?

They’re all awesome! It depends what you want to ski…

Each ski we have chosen is the best for what it’s been designed to do, whether that’s tear up the piste, explore the backcountry or ski all-mountain to make the most of the entire Three Valleys.

We can tailor a choice for you, please just ask and we’ll find something that will suit your style.

Do I need my own ski boots?

We have a handpicked selection of top-of-the-range skis, and we feel (as massive ski geeks) that to take them for a ride, you’ll need a seriously good pair of boots to make sure you’re getting the best experience.

If you don’t already have a pair of boots that you feel comfortable in then we can help – our Boot Lab shops are specialist boot fitters so we can either tweak your existing ski boots if they’re not quite right, or we can give you a full, no obligation assessment and a comfort guaranteed custom fit, should you be looking at investing in your own pair. Make an appointment here (link).

What sort of socks should I wear for skiing?

When we custom fit ski boots, we always fit to a thin, close-fitting, shaped ski sock – a proper ski sock! We recommend that you always choose this kind of sock to wear with your ski boots for both comfort and performance. We can show you some examples if you’re not sure.

Do you rent snowboards?

No, we’re all about two planks rather than one. But we’d be happy to recommend a knowledgeable rental shop for your boarder friends.

Do you rent children’s skis?

Sadly not, but we can recommend a good ski hire company in the resort. We can help an older teenager, the shortest skis we have would suit someone 150-160cm.

Will your ski rental bindings fit my ski boot?

Yes, our bindings will fit all manner of alpine ski sole boot types, whether they’re alpine, race, vibram, WTR (walk to ride), grip walk…

Having said that, we do have some exceptions so please specify which ski boots you have when you book, especially if they’re unusual (eg. if your boots are pin only, super light ski touring boots, or from the 1950s).

Questions about which skis to choose

I’m interested in trying a few different skis, can I try a few out during my ski holiday

Of course! Let us know what you’d like to do and we’ll put together a quote for mixed ski rental

Can I do a ski test for a day?

Yes, no problem It’s 35€ to test a pair of skis for one day.

Do I have to be an advanced/expert skier to rent skis from you?

No. Definitely not. We have selected skis suitable from lower intermediate upwards. Just because a ski has some advanced features, doesn’t mean that a gentler skier wouldn’t enjoy it. As you progress, so does the ski – the more you push it, the more it responds.

We can help you to choose the right ski for your needs and we certainly won’t waffle on about the technical stuff if you’re not interested!

I read a review on the ski you chose for me and I’m not sure it’s any good.

When we test skis each year, we are totally impartial, so we pick the skis that we think are the cream of the crop. We’re not sponsored by, or have any affiliation or deals with any manufacturers. We’ve chosen skis that we know are going to be the best for skiing in the Three Valleys.

Having lived and skied here every season for 14 years we know the terrain like the proverbial backs of our hands, and have experienced the range of conditions you can expect here. We’ll always tailor your choice from the information you give us, so if you’re not sure about something, please do ask, we’re super happy to help and advise (please feel free to have a read of our reviews here LINK)

The Service

How often are the skis serviced?

We know how important it is to have sharp edges and wax on your skis. We use a dedicated race tuning centre in Courchevel – a company that specialises in servicing skis. We’ll ensure your skis are in tip-top condition when you collect them.

Why are your skis more expensive than other local companies?

Our customers are looking for something above average, something a bit different to the other options on offer. If you’re coming to us to test skis, you’ll probably have already invested in the right pair of ski boots so you’ll be looking for a really good ski to make the most of your holiday.

We have a different selection of skis that aren’t always available elsewhere. The skis we have in our range aren’t the rental version that looks the same as the sale version but is different under the topsheet, our skis are the real deal. They’re serviced to a really high standard by a race tuning centre because we think that’s important.

Basically, we know that our customers want a really top pair of rental skis to make the most of their ski holiday and – just like when you have your boots fitted by us – you’ll get a bespoke ski choice which suits your needs.

Do you price match your hire skis?

No, sorry. We feel our service and the top quality skis we offer are really good value.

The Skiing!

Can you recommend a guide or ski instructor to help us make the most of our awesome kit?

Yes, indeed! Please get in touch with us and we’ll put you in touch with the right person for your ski holiday.

Where’s the best snow in the Three Valleys?

Good question! Come in to the Courchevel or Meribel shop and ask one of the team for some recommendations. They’re all allowed time off to go and research, all in the name of customer service!